Advanced progress in recycling municipal and construction solid wastes for manufacturing sustainable construction materials

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Journal Article
Resources, Conservation and Recycling: X, 2020, 6, pp. 100036-100036
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© 2020 The sharply increasing solid waste generation has raised the environmental concerns worldwide which currently have been escalated to a worrying level. Intending to eliminate the negative environmental impacts of solid waste and meanwhile promote sustainability on the energy- and resource-intensive construction and building sector, considerable efforts have been devoted to recycling solid waste for the possible use in sustainable construction material products. This paper reviews the existing studies on recycling municipal and construction solid waste for the manufacture of geopolymer composites. Special attention is paid to the predominate performance of these geopolymer composite products. The principal findings of this work reveal that municipal and construction solid waste could be successfully incorporated into geopolymer composites in the forms of precursor, aggregate, additive, reinforcement fiber, or filling material. Additionally, the results indicate that although the inclusion of such waste might depress some of the attributes of geopolymer composites, proper proportion design and suitable treatment technique could alleviate these detrimental effects and further smooth the recycling progress. Finally, a brief discussion is provided to identify the important needs in the future research and development for promoting the utilization of solid waste materials in the forthcoming sustainable geopolymer industry. In summary, this work offers guidance for the better ecological choice to municipal and construction solid waste through developing waste materials into highly environmental-friendly construction materials.
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