Closing the Loop for Hydrogen Storage: Facile Regeneration of NaBH4 from its Hydrolytic Product.

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Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English), 2020, 59, (22), pp. 8623-8629
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Sodium borohydride (NaBH4 ) is among the most studied hydrogen storage materials because it is able to deliver high-purity H2 at room temperature with controllable kinetics via hydrolysis; however, its regeneration from the hydrolytic product has been challenging. Now, a facile method is reported to regenerate NaBH4 with high yield and low costs. The hydrolytic product NaBO2 in aqueous solution reacts with CO2 , forming Na2 B4 O7 ⋅10 H2 O and Na2 CO3 , both of which are ball-milled with Mg under ambient conditions to form NaBH4 in high yield (close to 80 %). Compared with previous studies, this approach avoids expensive reducing agents such as MgH2 , bypasses the energy-intensive dehydration procedure to remove water from Na2 B4 O7 ⋅10 H2 O, and does not require high-pressure H2 gas, therefore leading to much reduced costs. This method is expected to effectively close the loop of NaBH4 regeneration and hydrolysis, enabling a wide deployment of NaBH4 for hydrogen storage.
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