Mario Vargas Llosa, the fabulist of Queer Cleansing

Palgrave Macmillan
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Vargas Llosa and Latin American Politics, 2010, first, pp. 85 - 102
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IN 2005 MAroa VARGAS LLOSA DELIVERED HIS LECTURE "CONFESSIONS of a Liberal" for the Washington-based American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. A summation of Vargas Llos's intellectual evolution since the 1960s, the lecture confirmed his claim to the mantle of Latin American liberal par excellence. Plotted in opposition to ideology as "an open, evolving doctrine that yields to reality instead of ttying to force reality to do the yielding," Vargas Llos's liberalism rests on a number of familiar precepts: political democracy; private property; the free market; and the rule of law in productive tension with "the defense of individual interests over those of the state" ("Confessions of a Liberal").
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