Finding a Linkage between Becoming an Ethical Practitioner and Making an Organization Socially Responsible

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
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Journal Article
Journal of Public Relations Education, 2020
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This paper describes how ethical frameworks were incorporated into a Master’s master’s degree program’s strategic communication course in Australia. Students were given three assignments. In the first assignment, students applied three different ethical frameworks to guide an organization in ethical decision making, and devised communication messages for stakeholders that were in line with each ethical framework. In the second assignment, students created a corporate social responsibility proposal for their selected organization. In the final assignment, students discussed the role of communication practitioners in ethical decision making and corporate social responsibility. Although the author felt that the overall design of this course was useful in facilitating student learning in the areas of public relations ethics and CSR, it was a challenge to ensure the same or a higher quality level of learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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