Targeting respiratory diseases using miRNA inhibitor based nanotherapeutics: Current status and future perspectives.

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Journal Article
Nanomedicine : nanotechnology, biology, and medicine, 2020, 31, pp. 102303
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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play a fundamental role in the developmental and physiological processes that occur in both animals and plants. AntagomiRs are synthetic antagonists of miRNA, prevent the target mRNA from suppression. Therapeutic approaches that modulate miRNAs have immense potential in the treatment of chronic respiratory disorders. However, the successful delivery of miRNAs/antagomiRs to the lungs remains a major challenge in clinical applications. A range of materials, namely, polymer nanoparticles, lipid nanocapsules and inorganic nanoparticles have shown promising results for intracellular delivery of miRNA in chronic respiratory disorders. This review discusses the current understanding of miRNA biology, the biological roles of antagomiRs in chronic respiratory disease and the recent advances in the therapeutic utilization of antagomiRs as disease biomarkers. Furthermore our review provides a common platform to debate on the nature of antagomiRs and also address the viewpoint on the new generation of delivery systems that target antagomiRs in respiratory diseases.
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