Curcumin-loaded niosomes downregulate mRNA expression of pro-inflammatory markers involved in asthma: an in vitro study.

Future Medicine Ltd
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Journal Article
Nanomedicine (London, England), 2020, 0, (0)
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Aim: In this study, curcumin was encapsulated in niosomes (Nio-Curc) to increase its effectiveness for the treatment of asthma. Materials & methods: The formulation underwent various physicochemical characterization experiments, an in vitro release study, molecular simulations and was evaluated for in vitro anti-inflammatory activity. Results: Results showed that Nio-Curc had a mean particle size of 284.93 ± 14.27 nm, zeta potential of -46.93 and encapsulation efficacy of 99.62%, which demonstrates optimized physicochemical characteristics. Curcumin release in vitro could be sustained for up to 24 h. Additionally, Nio-Curc effectively reduced mRNA transcript expression of pro-inflammatory markers; IL-6, IL-8, IL-1β and TNF-α in immortalized human airway basal cell line (BCi-NS1.1). Conclusion: In this study, we have demonstrated that Nio-Curc mitigated the mRNA expression of pro-inflammatory markers in an in vitro study, which could be applied to treatment of asthma with further studies.
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