Design and performance analysis of a novel synchronous reluctance machine

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Journal Article
International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, 2020, 63, (2), pp. 249-265
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© 2020 - IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved. To improve output torque ability and reduce torque ripple in traditional synchronous reluctance motor (TSynRM), a new synchronous reluctance motor (NSynRM) is proposed in this paper. The rotor of NSynRM is composed of both grain-oriented silicon steel and non-oriented silicon steel. With the reasonable design of rotor structure, the torque of NSynRM has been improved and its torque ripple has been reduced greatly. Firstly, TSynRM and NSynRM are qualitatively compared by using the magnetic network method. Secondly, the main parameters of these two machines are optimized by using finite element method (FEM). Then the performance comparison between two optimized machines are carried out. Finally, the equivalent stress of these two machines at the maximum speed are analyzed. It can be seen that NSynRM can have 6.8% higher torque under rated load, 8% higher torque under maximum load, 17.5% wider constant torque operation region, and lower torque ripple compared with the TSynRM.
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