Diversity in Density: Encouraging Participation in Higher Density Living

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The Routledge Handbook of People and Place in the 21st Century City, 2020, pp. 79-87
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This chapter provides a brief review of the literature on diversity and community and demonstrate that apartments are important places in which diversity and everyday multiculturalism are played out. Scholars of everyday multiculturalism emphasize the opportunities for cross-cultural understanding generated by social settings where people from diverse backgrounds are compelled to routinely interact and work together. The Multilingual Living Information website is a particularly interesting approach to aiding linguistic diversity. However, in buildings where residents have diverse cultural backgrounds, poor common language competency, and varying cultural practices may act as barriers to individuals interacting harmoniously and participating in joint decision-making. Programs and public policies that encourage civic participation in formal and informal settings among culturally diverse groups have also traditionally targeted local communities and institutions. Existing research has documented the opportunities and challenges of intercultural relations in local communities and institutions
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