3D Nonlinear Equivalent Magnetic Circuit Model Analysis of a Flux Reversal Linear Rotary Permanent Magnet Machine

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Journal Article
Diangong Jishu Xuebao/Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society, 2020, 35, (20), pp. 4278-4286
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© 2020, Electrical Technology Press Co. Ltd. All right reserved. An improved 3D nonlinear equivalent magnetic circuit model (EMCM) of a flux reversal linear rotary permanent magnet machine (FR-LRPMM) was established by adding a variable reluctance unit to 3D magnetic circuit structure. The magnetic reluctance expressions of the stator and mover sections were derived by magnetic nodal method. The reluctance of the variable-reluctance unit was derived by 2D finite element method (FEM), which changed from 0 to infinity periodically with different locations of the mover when it was in linear or rotary motion. The 3D air-gap permeance expression was derived by segmentation method. The electromagnetic characteristics, such as no-load air gap flux density, were calculated and analyzed by an iterative method. Compared with the 3D FEM, the calculation time of this proposed model is reduced greatly. The proposed model could take in account the saturation of the stator core material, PM local flux leakage and pole-pole flux leakage. The analyzed results of the electromagnetic characteristics, including the back EMF, cogging torque and detent force, are consistent with those of 3D FEM and test measurement, which verifies the improved EMCM.
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