Victoria’s fisheries and aquaculture: economic and social contributions

Fisheries Research Development Corporation
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2020, pp. 1-240
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This project provides the first evaluation of the social and economic contributions of wildcatch professional fisheries and aquaculture of Victoria to the communities in which the industries are located and to the entire state. This project was developed in consultation with the Victorian seafood industry who identified the need to communicate the economic value of their industry, inclusive of the economic contribution of businesses supplying or being supplied by seafood producers. In addition, there was no evaluation of the social benefits of the industry to Victoria. The study to determine contributions made by the Victorian seafood industry was underpinned by the wellbeing approach, which was underpinned by economic analysis including input–output modelling and qualitative and semi-quantitative social analysis. The resultant findings provide the Victorian seafood industry comprehensive information regarding the social and economic contributions their sector makes to community wellbeing. These data can aid the seafood industry to show the public and policymakers why it is important to support the sustainable development of seafood production in Victoria.
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