MoS2/Epitaxial graphene layered electrodes for solid-state supercapacitors.

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Journal Article
Nanotechnology, 2021
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The potential of transition metal dichalcogenides such as MoS2 for energy storage has been significantly limited so far by the lack of conductivity and structural stability. Employing highly conductive, graphitic materials in combination with transition metal dichalcogenides can address this gap. Here, we explore the use of a layered electrode structure for solid-state supercapacitors, made of MoS2 and epitaxial graphene on cubic silicon carbide for on-silicon energy storage. We show that the energy storage of the solid-state supercapacitors can be significantly increased by creating layered MoS2/graphene electrodes, yielding a substantial improvement as compared to electrodes using either epitaxial graphene or MoS2 alone. We conclude that the conductivity of epitaxial graphene and the growth morphology of MoS2 on graphene play an enabling role in the successful use of transition metal dichalcogenides for on-chip energy storage.
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