Bridge Damage Identification via Interaction Forces of the Vehicle-bridge System using Vehicle Axle Responses

Missouri University of Science and Technology
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Transferring Research into Practice, 2019, 2, pp. 1266-1272
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Copyright © SHMII 2019. All rights reserved. Bridge damage identification using vibration responses of a passing vehicle is an attractive but challenging task. Instrumented vehicle carries out a drive-by inspection of the bridge and requires no bridge instrumentation which is convenient and cost effective. Extracting useful bridge structural health information from vehicle responses is where the challenges exist. A twostep strategy is proposed to identify the bridge damage using vehicle axle responses. Dual Kalman filter (DKF) is adopted to identify the interaction forces at the contact points between vehicle and bridge structure. The parameters of vehicle system are required and only the dynamic responses of the axles are measured. Local anomalies of the structure are estimated from the interaction forces in the second step. The damage is defined as the elemental flexural stiffness reduction. Interaction force sensitivity analysis is performed and realized with a regularization technique. Numerical example is presented where a half-car model is used and the bridge is modelled using finite element model. The identification results show that the proposed strategy is efficient for interaction force identification and damage detection with only responses of the vehicle axles.
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