Big data analytics for resilience assessment and development in tactical training serious games

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Proceedings - IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, 2016, 2016-August, pp. 158-162
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© 2016 IEEE. Training activities utilising virtual realityenvironments are being used increasingly to create trainingscenarios to promote resilience for mental and physicalwellbeing and to enable repeatable scenarios to allow traineesto learn techniques for various stressors. However, assessmentof the trainees' response to these training activities has eitherbeen limited to various pre and post training assessmentmetrics or collected in parallel during experiments andanalysed retrospectively. We have created a Big Data analyticsplatform, Athena, that in real-time acquires data from a firstperson shooter game, ArmA 3, as well as the data ArmA 3sends to the muscle stimulation component of a multisensorygarment, ARAIG that provides on the body feedback to thewearer for communications, weapon fire and being hit andintegrates that data with physiological response data such asheart rate, breathing behaviour and blood oxygen saturation. This paper presents a method to create structured resiliencetraining scenarios that incorporate Big Data analytics forresilience analytics for new approaches for resilienceassessment and development in tactical training serious games.
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