A New Forged Handwriting Detection Method Based on Fourier Spectral Density and Variation

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Pattern Recognition, 2020, 12046 LNCS, pp. 136-150
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Use of handwriting words for person identification in contrast to biometric features is gaining importance in the field of forensic applications. As a result, forging handwriting is a part of crime applications and hence is challenging for the researchers. This paper presents a new work for detecting forged handwriting words because width and amplitude of spectral distributions have the ability to exhibit unique properties for forged handwriting words compared to blurred, noisy and normal handwriting words. The proposed method studies spectral density and variation of input handwriting images through clustering of high and low frequency coefficients. The extracted features, which are invariant to rotation and scaling, are passed to a neural network classifier for the classification for forged handwriting words from other types of handwriting words (like blurred, noisy and normal handwriting words). Experimental results on our own dataset, which consists of four handwriting word classes, and two benchmark datasets, namely, caption and scene text classification and forged IMEI number dataset, show that the proposed method outperforms the existing methods in terms of classification rate.
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