State-of-the-Art of Strategies to Reduce Exhaust Emissions from Diesel Engine Vehicles

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Journal Article
ENERGIES, 2021, 14, (6)
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Compression ignition engines play a significant role in the development of a country. They are widely used due to their innate properties such as high efficiency, high power output, and durability. However, they are considered one of the key contributors to transport-related emission and have recently been identified as carcinogenic. Thus, it is important to modify the designs and processes before, during, and after combustion to reduce the emissions to meet the strict emission regulations. The paper discusses the pros and cons of different strategies to reduce emissions of a diesel engine. An overview of various techniques to modify the pre-combustion engine design aspects has been discussed first. After that, fuel modifications techniques during combustion to improve the fuel properties to reduce the engine-out emission is discussed. Finally, post-combustion after-treatment devices are briefly discussed, which help improve the air quality of our environment.
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