New single-switch quadratic boost dc/dc converter with low voltage stress for renewable energy applications

Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
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Journal Article
IET Power Electronics, 2020, 13, (19), pp. 4592-4600
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In this paper, a novel non-isolated Single-Switch Quadratic Boost Coupled-Inductor (SSQBCI) DC/DC converter with continuous input current and low voltage stress on the switching component is presented. The suggested structure is based on the traditional quadratic boost converter. In this new topology, to achieve an ultra-high voltage gain without large duty cycle, a Coupled-Inductor (CI) along with a Voltage Multiplier (VM) are employed. The magnetic energy stored in the leakage inductor of the CI is recycled by a regenerative passive clamp capacitor that is connected with the switch in parallel, which helps to limit the maximum voltage across the switch. Therefore, to reduce the switch conduction loss and improve the efficiency, a switch with the low static drain-to-source ON-resistance can be used. Moreover, the low voltage stress on the output side diode alleviates the reverse recovery loss. The steady-state operating principle, comparisons with other related topologies and also design considerations in Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) will be analyzed in detail. Finally, the performance of the proposed SSQBCI is verified by experimental results using a prototype with 30V input and 200V-160 W output operation at a constant switching frequency 50 kHz.
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