Measuring on-Road Vehicle Hot Running NOxEmissions with a Combined RemoteSensing–Dynamometer Study

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Journal Article
Atmosphere, 2020, 11, (3), pp. 294-294
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This study explores the correlation in measured hot running NO/CO ratios by a remote sensing device (RSD) and dynamometer testing. Two large diesel cars (E4/E5) are tested on the dynamometer in hot running conditions using a new drive cycle developed for this study and then driven multiple times past the RSD. A number of verification and correction steps are conducted for both the dynamometer and RSD data. A new time resolution adjustment of RSD acceleration values proves important. Comparison of RSD and dynamometer data consistently shows a strong weighted correlation varying from +0.89 to +0.95, despite the high level of variability observed in the RSD measurements. This provides further evidence that relative changes in mean NO/CO ratios as measured with the RSD should provide robust emissions data for trend analysis studies and as inputs for regional emissions models. However, a positive bias of approximately 25 ppm NO/% CO is observed for the RSD, and bias correction of RSD measurements should be considered pending further testing. 2 2 2
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