Experimental dataset on water levels, sediment depths and wave front celerity values in the study of multiphase shock wave for different initial up- and down-stream conditions

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Journal Article
Data in Brief, 2021, 36, pp. 107082
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This data article presents a rich original experimental video sources and wide collections of laboratory data on water levels, sediment depths and wave front celerity values arose from different multiphase dam-break scenarios. The required data of dam-break shock waves in highly silted-up reservoirs with various initial up- and down-stream hydraulic conditions is obtained directly from high-quality videos. The multi-layer shock waves were recorded by three professional cameras mounted along the laboratory channel. The extracted video images were rigorously scrutinized, and the datasets were obtained through the images via image processing method. Different sediment depths in the upstream reservoir and dry- or wet-bed downstream conditions were considered as initial conditions, compromising a total of 32 different scenarios. A total of 198 original experimental videos are made available online in the public repository "Mendeley Data" in 8 groups based on 8 different initial upstream sediment depths [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8]. 20 locations along the flume and 15 time snaps after the dam breaks were considered for data collecting. Consequently, a total of 18,000 water level and sediment depth data points were collected to prepare four datasets, which are uploaded in the public repository "Mendeley Data". A total of 9600 water level data points could be accessed in [9], [10], while 8400 sediment depth data points are available online in [11], [12] and could be utilized for validation and practical purposes by other researchers. This data article is related to another research article entitled "Experimental study and numerical verification of silted-up dam-break" [13].
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