A dielectric free near field phase transforming structure for wideband gain enhancement of antennas

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Journal Article
Scientific Reports, 2021, 11, (1)
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AbstractThe gain of some aperture antennas can be significantly increased by making the antenna near-field phase distribution more uniform, using a phase-transformation structure. A novel dielectric-free phase transforming structure (DF-PTS) is presented in this paper for this purpose, and its ability to correct the aperture phase distribution of a resonant cavity antenna (RCA) over a much wider bandwidth is demonstrated. As opposed to printed multilayered metasurfaces, all the cells in crucial locations of the DF-PTS have a phase response that tracks the phase error of the RCA over a large bandwidth, and in addition have wideband transmission characteristics, resulting in a wideband antenna system. The new DF-PTS, made of three thin metal sheets each containing modified-eight-arm-asterisk-shaped slots, is significantly stronger than the previous DF-PTS, which requires thin and long metal interconnects between metal patches. The third advantage of the new DF-PTS is, all phase transformation cells in it are highly transparent, each with a transmission magnitude greater than − 1 dB at the design frequency, ensuring excellent phase correction with minimal effect on aperture amplitude distribution. With the DF-PTS, RCA gain increases to 20.1 dBi, which is significantly greater than its 10.7 dBi gain without the DF-PTS. The measured 10-dB return loss bandwidth and the 3-dB gain bandwidth of the RCA with DF-PTS are 46% and 12%, respectively.
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