A Sidelobe Suppressed Huygens Dipole Array with High Aperture Efficiency

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Conference Proceeding
2021 15th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), 2021, 00
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A sidelobe suppressed, high aperture efficiency X-band Huygens dipole array is reported. The Huygens array consists of four magnetic and four electric dipole radiators. A collinear set of magnetic dipoles (MDs) is formed from a TE0.5,0 mode open waveguide integrated with phase inverters. The electric dipoles (EDs) are produced by connecting two metallic plates to the aperture of the waveguide, one on each side of it and orthogonal to that vertical wall of the waveguide. The consequent pairs of MDs and EDs are orthogonally oriented and their phase difference is a natural 90°. These dipoles are excited by an electric pin probe inserted into the waveguide at its center through one vertical wall. The overlapped -10-dB impedance and 3-dB realized gain bandwidth is 800 MHz, covering 9.45 to 10.25 GHz. The sidelobe levels of the 1×4 array are significantly reduced to -23.3 dB thanks to the natural tapering of the amplitude distributions of the MDs and EDs from the center of the array to both of its ends. The peak realized gain value is 12 dBi. The aperture efficiency is 74%.
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