3D Modelling and Testing of a Stator-Magnet Transverse-Flux Linear Oscillatory Machine for Direct Compressor Drive

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2021, 68, (9), pp. 8474-8486
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A stator-magnet transverse-flux linear oscillatory machine is proposed for direct compressor drive. The robust transverse-flux structure with permanent magnets embedded in the stator yoke and a moving-iron translator can yield high reliability and is relatively simple to fabricate. For electromagnetic performance analysis, a linear model under the no-load condition and a nonlinear model under the loaded condition are developed by taking into account the axial leakage flux and saturation effects of iron core, respectively. The effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed analytical models are verified by comparing the results with those of the finite element analysis and the static experimental tests. Based on the measured static characteristics and damping coefficient, a system kinetic model is developed in the form of coupled equivalent electromechanical circuit, and validated by the results of dynamic test on a prototype. The key indices of the new machine are compared with those of an existing moving-magnet linear oscillatory machine, including the amount of permanent magnet usage, efficiency, and thrust density, etc. The case study results show that the proposed linear oscillatory machine is suitable for linear compressor drives.
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