Enhanced absorption with graphene-coated silicon carbide nanowires for mid-infrared nanophotonics

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Journal Article
Nanomaterials, 2021, 11, (9), pp. 2339-2339
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The mid-infrared (MIR) is an exciting spectral range that also hosts useful molecular vi-brational fingerprints. There is a growing interest in nanophotonics operating in this spectral range, and recent advances in plasmonic research are aimed at enhancing MIR infrared nanophotonics. In particular, the design of hybrid plasmonic metasurfaces has emerged as a promising route to realize novel MIR applications. Here we demonstrate a hybrid nanostructure combining graphene and silicon carbide to extend the spectral phonon response of silicon carbide and enable absorption and field enhancement of the MIR photon via the excitation and hybridization of surface plasmon po-laritons and surface phonon polaritons. We combine experimental methods and finite element sim-ulations to demonstrate enhanced absorption of MIR photons and the broadening of the spectral resonance of graphene-coated silicon carbide nanowires. We also indicate subwavelength confinement of the MIR photons within a thin oxide layer a few nanometers thick, sandwiched between the graphene and silicon carbide. This intermediate shell layer is characteristically obtained using our graphitization approach and acts as a coupling medium between the core and outer shell of the nanowires.
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