AMDFNet: Adaptive multi-level deformable fusion network for RGB-D saliency detection

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Journal Article
Neurocomputing, 2021, 465, pp. 141-156
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Effective exploration of useful contextual information in multi-modal images is an essential task in salient object detection. Nevertheless, the existing methods based on the early-fusion or the late-fusion schemes cannot address this problem as they are unable to effectively resolve the distribution gap and information loss. In this paper, we propose an adaptive multi-level deformable fusion network (AMDFNet) to exploit the cross-modality information. We use a cross-modality deformable convolution module to dynamically adjust the boundaries of salient objects by exploring the extra input from another modality. This enables incorporating the existing features and propagating more contexts so as to strengthen the model's ability to perceiving scenes. To accurately refine the predicted maps, a multi-scaled feature refinement module is proposed to enhance the intermediate features with multi-level prediction in the decoder part. Furthermore, we introduce a selective cross-modality attention module in the fusion process to exploit the attention mechanism. This module captures dense long-range cross-modality dependencies from a multi-modal hierarchical feature's perspective. This strategy enables the network to select more informative details and suppress the contamination caused by the negative depth maps. Experimental results on eight benchmark datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of the components in our proposed model, as well as the overall saliency model.
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