Image categorization: Graph edit distance + edge direction histogram

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Pattern Recognition, 2008, 41 (10), pp. 3179 - 3191
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This paper presents a novel algorithm for computing graph edit distance (GED) in image categorization. This algorithm is purely structural, i.e., it needs only connectivity structure of the graph and does not draw on node or edge attributes. There are two major contributions: (1) Introducing edge direction histogram (EDH) to characterize shape features of images. It is shown that GED can be employed as distance of EDHs. This algorithm is completely independent on cost function which is difficult to be defined exactly. (2) Computing distance of EDHs with earth mover distance (EMD) which takes neighborhood bins into account so as to compute distance of EDHs correctly. A set of experiments demonstrate that the newly presented algorithm is available for classifying and clustering images and is immune to the planar rotation of images. Compared with GED from spectral seriation, our algorithm can capture the structure change of graphs better and consume 12.79% time used by the former one. The average classification rate is 5% and average clustering rate is 25% higher than the spectral seriation method. © 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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