Characteristics and Optimization of a PMLSM for HTS Magnetic Suspension Propulsion System

ASEMA and HTS World Pty. Ltd. Australia
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Journal Article
Journal of Applied Superconductivity and Electromagnetics, 2011, 1 (1), pp. 66 - 74
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¾Permanent magnet (PM) linear synchronous motors (PMLSMs) can be integrated with a high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnetic suspension system to be used in such as electromagnetic aircraft launcher and maglev transportation which have a levitated object moving on a long linear track. This paper presents the design and electromagnetic characteristic analysis of a long-primary single-sided PMLSM for a HTS bulk-PM guideway repulsion magnetic suspension propulsion system. Based on the characteristics and performance analysis of the PMLSM, a new type of HTS suspension propulsion system driven by a double-sided PMLSM with an optimal PM structure is then proposed. The running characteristics of the linear propulsion systems are studied through finite element analysis (FEA) with comprehensive performance results obtained for practical development.
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