Ultra-high stability and magnetic response of magnetorheological fluids based on magnetic ionic liquids and carbonyl iron fibers

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Journal Article
Journal of Rheology, 2021, 65, (6), pp. 1347-1359
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A novel magnetic ionic liquid (IL) based on 1-methylethyl ether-3-butylimidazole cation and [FeCl4]- anion was synthesized for application as a carrier of magnetorheological fluids (MRFs). Stability and magnetic response of the MRFs were investigated as a function of the anion chemical structure and content of carbonyl iron fibers. The MRFs based on the magnetic ILs displayed better redispersibility, slower settling rates, and increased magnetic-induced stress compared with conventional MRFs based on oils or ILs. Furthermore, the mechanism of MRFs with good performance was investigated and proposed by molecular dynamic simulation. These results do not only confirm that the magnetic ILs are potential carriers of MRFs but also provide a new way to improve the stability and magnetic response of MRFs for various applications.
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