A Drift Region-Based Data Sample Filtering Method.

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Journal Article
IEEE Trans Cybern, 2021, PP, (99)
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Concept drift refers to changes in the underlying data distribution of data streams over time. A well-trained model will be outdated if concept drift occurs. Once concept drift is detected, it is necessary to understand where the drift occurs to support the drift adaptation strategy and effectively update the outdated models. This process, called drift understanding, has rarely been studied in this area. To fill this gap, this article develops a drift region-based data sample filtering method to update the obsolete model and track the new data pattern accurately. The proposed method can effectively identify the drift region and utilize information on the drift region to filter the data sample for training models. The theoretical proof guarantees the identified drift region converges uniformly to the real drift region as the sample size increases. Experimental evaluations based on four synthetic datasets and two real-world datasets demonstrate our method improves the learning accuracy when dealing with data streams involving concept drift.
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