A Novel Full Soft-Switching High-Gain DC/DC Converter Based on Three-Winding Coupled-Inductor

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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 2021, 36, (11), pp. 12656-12669
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In this article, a new nonisolated full soft-switching step-up dc/dc converter is introduced with a continuous input current for renewable energy applications. The use of a three-winding coupled-inductor (TWCI) along with a voltage multiplier, enables the proposed converter to enhance the voltage gain with lower turns ratios and duty cycles. Also, a lossless regenerative passive clamp circuit is employed to limit the voltage stress across the power switch. In addition to zero current switching performance at the turn-on instant of the power switch, the turn-off current value is also alleviated by adopting a quasi-resonance operation between the leakage inductor of the TWCI and middle capacitors. Moreover, the current of all diodes reaches zero with a slow slew rate, which leads to the elimination of the reverse recovery problem in the converter. Soft-switching of the power switch and all the diodes in the proposed converter significantly reduces the switching power dissipations. Therefore, the presented converter can provide a high voltage gain ratio with high efficiency. Steady-state analysis, comprehensive comparisons with other related converters, and design considerations are discussed in detail. Finally, a 160 W prototype with 200 V output voltage is demonstrated to justify the theoretical analysis.
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