Experimental demonstration of two-dimensional hybrid waveguide-integrated plasmonic crystals on silicon-on-insulator platform

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Journal Article
APL Photonics, 2017, 2, (7)
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Nanoscale plasmonic structures can offer unique functionality due to extreme sub-wavelength optical confinement, but the realization of complex plasmonic circuits is hampered by high propagation losses. Hybrid approaches can potentially overcome this limitation, but only few practical approaches based on either single or few element arrays of nanoantennas on dielectric nanowire have been experimentally demonstrated. In this paper, we demonstrate a two dimensional hybrid photonic plasmonic crystal interfaced with a standard silicon photonic platform. Off resonance, we observe low loss propagation through our structure, while on resonance we observe strong propagation suppression and intense concentration of light into a dense lattice of nanoscale hot-spots on the surface providing clear evidence of a hybrid photonic plasmonic crystal bandgap. This fully integrated approach is compatible with established silicon-on-insulator (SOI) fabrication techniques and constitutes a significant step toward harnessing plasmonic functionality within SOI photonic circuits.
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