Towards an Application Helping to Minimize Medication Error Rate

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Journal Article
Mobile Information Systems, 2021, 2021, pp. 1-7
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Medication errors related to medication administration done by both doctors and nurses can be considered a vital issue around the world. It is believed that systematisation and the introduction of main documents are done manually, which might increase the opportunities to have inaccuracies and errors because of unexpected wrong actions done by medical practitioners. Experts stated that the lack of pharmacological knowledge is one of the key factors, which play an important role in causing such errors. Doctors and nurses may face problems when they move from one unit to another and the medication administration list has changed. However, promoting public health activities and recent AI-enabled applications can provide general information about medication that helps both doctors and nurses administer the right medication. However, such an application can require a lot of time and effort to search and then find a medication. Therefore, this article aims to investigate whether AI-enabled applications can help avoid or at least minimize medication error rates.
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