Business as Usual: Feminist History in a Post-Truth World

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History in a Post-Truth World: Theory and Praxis, 2021, pp. 183-197
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This chapter explores how feminist historical analyses are understood in a post-truth framework, with a particular focus on gender violence. Given that gender violence – and gender inequality more generally – is rooted in pervasively accepted societal myths, feminists and feminist historians have long been confronted with the challenge of how to overcome ideas that are underpinned by emotional rather than evidence-based understandings. Furthermore, the tendency to dismiss feminist knowledge production about gender violence as mere myth has long preceded the post-truth age. Current modes of history, such as quantitative and digital approaches, can reinforce feminist interpretations of the past yet themselves remain open to challenges. How, then, do the politics of believing women relate to gendered approaches to truth and post-truth for historians?
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