Cooling-Aware Optimization of Edge Server Configuration and Edge Computation Offloading for Wirelessly Powered Devices

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2021, 70, (5), pp. 5043-5056
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Edge computing (EC) provides an effective means to cope with explosive computation demands of the Internet-of-Things (IoT). This paper presents a new cooling-aware joint optimization of the CPU configuration of the edge servers, and the schedules of wireless power transfer (WPT), offloading and computing for WPT-powered devices, so that the resource-restrained devices can have tasks accomplished in a timely and energy-efficient manner. Alternating optimization is applied to minimize the total energy consumption of WPT, EC, and cooling, while satisfying the computation deadlines of the devices. A key aspect is that semi-closed-form solutions are derived for the WPT power, offloading duration, and CPU frequency by applying the Lagrange duality method. With the solutions, the alternating optimization converges quickly and indistinguishably closely to the lower bound of the energy consumption. The semi-closed-form solutions also reveal the structure underlying the optimal solution to the problem, and can validate the result of the alternating optimization. Extensive simulations show that the proposed algorithm can save up to 90.4% the energy of existing benchmarks in our considered cases.
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