Label Independent Memory for Semi-Supervised Few-shot Video Classification.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2021, PP, (1), pp. 273-285
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In this paper, we propose to leverage freely available unlabeled video data to facilitate few-shot video classification. In this semi-supervised few-shot video classification task, millions of unlabeled data are available for each episode during training. These videos can be extremely imbalanced, while they have profound visual and motion dynamics. To tackle the semi-supervised few-shot video classification problem, we make the following contributions. First, we propose a label independent memory (LIM) to cache label related features, which enables a similarity search over a large set of videos. LIM produces a class prototype for few-shot training. This prototype is an aggregated embedding for each class, which is more robust to noisy video features. Second, we integrate a multi-modality compound memory network to capture both RGB and flow information. We propose to store the RGB and flow representation in two separate memory networks, but they are jointly optimized via a unified loss. In this way, mutual communications between the two modalities are leveraged to achieve better classification performance. Third, we conduct extensive experiments on the few-shot Kinetics-100, Something-Something-100 datasets, which validates the effectiveness of leveraging the accessible unlabeled data for few-shot classification.
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