Cobalt-Iron Decorated Tellurium Nanotubes for High Energy Density Supercapacitor

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Journal Article
Materials Today Chemistry, 2022, 24, pp. 1-13
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We report the synthesis of cobalt-iron (Co-Fe) decorated tellurium nanotubes (Te NTs) using semiconductive Te NTs as a sacrificial template using the wet chemical method. The Co and Fe precursor concentration incorporated into Te NT plays a significant role in obtaining various bimetallic telluride structures. The one-dimensional (1-D) structure of Co-Fe decorated Te NTs with Te NTs in the backbone provides superior conductivity and exhibits high electrochemical performance with battery type electrode behaviour. The Co-Fe decorated Te NTs electrode is combined with the electric double-layer capacitors (EDLC) type electrode activated carbon (AC) to tune the energy density performance. The asymmetric assembly shows an excellent specific capacitance of 179.2 F g-1 (48.7 mAh g-1) at a current density of 0.9 A g-1 in 4 M KOH electrolyte. More importantly, it exhibits a maximum energy density of 62.1 Wh Kg-1 at a power density of 1138.2 W Kg-1 under a potential window of 1.58 V. This potential finding shows the significant applicability of Te NTs as a template for the synthesis of bimetallic tellurides with unique morphologies. The synergistic effect from multimetals and anisotropic morphology is beneficial for energy storage applications.
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