Measurement and Modeling of Rotational Core Loss of Fe-Based Amorphous Magnetic Material under 2-D Magnetic Excitation

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2021, 57, (11), pp. 1-8
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Fe-based amorphous magnetic materials are recently attracting strong interests for constructing high-power density and high-efficiency rotating electrical machines due to their attractive properties, such as low core loss and high magnetic saturation. Accurate measurement and modeling of the rotational core losses of the core magnetic materials, and the corresponding patterns of rotating magnetic flux density ( $B$ ) and magnetic field strength ( $H$ ) are important for the analysis and design of electrical machines. This article presents the measurement of rotational core loss of a Fe-based amorphous magnetic material (amorphous 1k101), and its corresponding modelings under two-dimensional (2-D) circularly and elliptically rotating magnetic fields. In addition, an improved and simplified analogical model of rotational hysteresis loss is proposed for such magnetic materials. The circular and elliptical $B$ loci and the corresponding $H$ loci have been investigated to acquire the perception of anisotropy and permeability of the amorphous materials. The proposed theory and models are experimentally verified.
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