Integration of Phase Change Material in the Design of Solar Concentrator-Based Water Heating System.

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Journal Article
Entropy (Basel), 2021, 24, (1)
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Indonesia has been blessed with excellent solar heat distribution, which can be used as renewable energy to heat water. Various technologies have been developed to utilize these inexhaustible thermodynamic resources, in the form of photons arrays, converted into concentrated heat for daily use, i.e., solar water heater. This renewable-based water heating system can provide significant energy efficiency, benefit the environment, and reduce energy use costs. This experimental study attempts to harvest the energy from the sun using a cylindrical through collector (CTC) type solar concentrator. The CTC was made of the solar reflective film (SRF) affixed to concentrator collector surfaces which was then mounted on an adjustable angle frame of the concentrator collector support. The heat generated from the concentrator was stored in water, and phase change material is embedded in the system to retain the heat longer. The research was carried out in Langsa City, Aceh, Indonesia. The results showed that water heaters using CTC systems could produce 16 L of hot water retained at 40-60 °C for four hours. With the addition of beeswax, the water temperature of the same capacity can be maintained at 40-60 °C for around 5 h. This technology demonstrated an excellent result that produces as much as 60 L of water per day, increasing solar thermal energy efficiency. This technology presented a great potential for replication or even for further development on an industrial scale.
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