Nonlinear characterization of magnetorheological elastomer-based smart device for structural seismic mitigation

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Journal Article
International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials, 2021, 12, (4), pp. 390-428
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Magnetorheological elastomer (MRE) has been demonstrated to be effective in structural vibration control because of controllable stiffness and damping properties with the effect of external magnetic fields. To achieve a high performance of MRE device-based vibration control, a robust and accurate model is necessary to describe nonlinear dynamics of MRE device. This article aims at realising this target via nonlinear modeling of an innovative MRE device, i.e. MRE vibration isolator. First, the field-dependent properties of MRE isolator were analysed based on experimental data of the isolator in various dynamic tests. Then, a phenomenal model was developed to account for these unique characteristics of MRE-based device. Moreover, an improved PSO algorithm was designed to estimate model parameters. Based on identification results, a generalised model was proposed to clarify the field-dependent properties of the isolator due to varied currents, which was then validated by random and earthquake-excited test data. Based on the proposed model, a frequency control strategy was designed for semi-active control of MRE devices-incorporated smart structure for vibration suppression. Finally, using a three-storey frame model and four benchmark earthquakes, a numerical study was conducted to validate the performance of control strategy based on the generalised current-dependent model with satisfactory results.
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