Reconfigurable Cavity Bandpass Filters Using Fluid Dielectric

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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2021, 68, (9), pp. 8603-8614
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A novel method for the development of a reconfigurable cavity bandpass filter using fluid dielectric is proposed. Dielectric material can produce an effective permittivityeff of the resonant mode when it is loaded into the cavity. Thus, a tube filled with fluid dielectric, e.g., distilled water, can achieve controlled and reversibleeff by adjusting the amount of water in the tube. The same manner of resonant frequency can be achieved as the resonant frequency is related toeff, and then frequency tuning is realized. The fluid property can realize easier and faster tuning mechanism than conventional solid dielectric. Aseff is affected by the loaded dielectric parallel to the electric field, a triple-mode resonator with resonant modes TE101, TE011, and TM110, which have orthogonal electric fields, is investigated to realize tri-band reconfiguration. Theeff, as well as the resonant frequencies, corresponding to each mode can be individually controlled by adjusting their related water posts. Then, reconfigurable single-band and tri-band bandpass filters are designed. A reconfigurable tri-band cavity filter using a triple-mode cavity resonator and fluid dielectric with individual and continuous frequency tuning is reported for the first time. Finally, the reconfigurable tri-band filter is fabricated and measured to validate the concept.
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