Dual-Layer Huygens Element Based Conformal Transmitarray with A High-Efficiency

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Conference Proceeding
Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference Proceedings, APMC, 2021, 2020-December, pp. 48-50
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High efficiency conformal transmitarrays using very thin dual-layer elements are very rare in open literature as there is always a tradeoff between the array thickness and the efficiency. This paper addresses this problem by developing a new ultra-thin Huygens element which consists of two metal layers with only 0.5 mm thickness (λ0/60 at 10 GHz). The design procedure for specific phase values of the element is developed, and eight elements are designed to cover a quantized 360° phase range with a maximal 1.67 dB loss. This element is applied to a conformal transmitarray, realizing a measured peak gain of 20.6 dBi and a 47.4% antenna efficiency, which is much higher than other conformal transmitarrays.
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