‘Nobody Ever Thinks What It Is Like to be a Guy Like Me’: How Arthur and the Story Are Developed in Joker (2019)

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Journal of Creative Communications, 2022
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The way people interact with space appertains to the idea of territory. Territory is claimed by people all the time in communication. This article will explore how the lead actor, Joaquin Phoenix, of Joker (2019) develops Arthur Fleck and the story with the support of Method Acting, territorial theories and film techniques. More specifically, the study will consider (a) how Arthur interacts with other characters and narrative space in different territories naturalistically and (b) how Method Acting, territorial theories and film techniques facilitate Arthur’s characterisation and the story development. The study of Arthur reveals that he undergoes a metamorphosis during resisting his tormentors in the story. The study of Arthur also shows that it is meaningful to introduce territorial theories to film analysis and Method Acting.
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