Frequency Regulation of a Multi-area Renewable Power System Incorporating with Energy Storage Technologies

Springer Singapore
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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, 2021, 708, pp. 83-91
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In a power system, the excursions of the frequency level are must be tunable automatically, which will provide reliable and safe operation. Moreover, the incorporation of renewable sources into the conventional generation leads to an increase in the system complexity and further fails to provide a stable operation. However, the role of energy storage devices can play significantly in terms of instant power injection after the loss of generation. In this paper, different energy storage technologies such as battery storage, supercapacitor, and superconducting magnetic energy storage are tested with three different types of controllers in the three-area power systems. Further, the Jaya optimization method is applied to tune the control parameters, and with the optimal value of controller gains, the three-area power system gives better dynamic frequency regulation characteristics. Finally, the tilt integral derivative (TID) controller with three different energy storage devices is incorporated and tested, where the battery storage technology provides better dynamic characteristics as compared to the other two storage devices.
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