The university teaching of family law

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Journal Article
Australian Journal of Family Law, 2022, 35, (1), pp. 68-88
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We have co-taught a family law property subject over the last 2 years. The experience has led us to reflect upon the content, structure and teaching methodology of family law courses. Reflecting upon our teaching has cemented our views that some knowledge of family law should be core knowledge for all law graduates. In particular, we believe that competencies required for good family law practice (understanding family violence; child-abuse; trauma-informed practice; and cultural awareness) are essential requirements for all legal graduates. The remainder of the article is a conversation outlining our thoughts and experiences in relation to the teaching of Family law which we hope will contribute to and inform broader debates about the role of the legal academy, legal education, and the place of vocational qualifications within them. Such a conversation is particularly important in the age of the neoliberal university and the recasting of law as a purely vocational skill. It is hoped that the article starts a conversation about the future purpose and meaning of the university study of family law.
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