Software-Defined Wireless Networking Opportunities and Challenges for Internet-of-Things: A Review

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Journal Article
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2016, 3, (4), pp. 453-463
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With the emergence of Internet-of-Things (IoT), there is now growing interest to simplify wireless network controls. This is a very challenging task, comprising information acquisition, information analysis, decision-making, and action implementation on large scale IoT networks. Resulting in research to explore the integration of software-defined networking (SDN) and IoT for a simpler, easier, and strain less network control. SDN is a promising novel paradigm shift which has the capability to enable a simplified and robust programmable wireless network serving an array of physical objects and applications. This paper starts with the emergence of SDN and then highlights recent significant developments in the wireless and optical domains with the aim of integrating SDN and IoT. Challenges in SDN and IoT integration are also discussed from both security and scalability perspectives.
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