Creating new career pathways to reduce poverty, illiteracy and health risks, while transforming and empowering Cambodian women's lives

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Journal of Health Psychology, 2010, 15 (7), pp. 982 - 992
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Community health psychology provides a framework for local citizens themselves to systematically affect change in health and social inequalities, particularly through Participatory Action Research (PAR). The Cambodian NGO SiRCHESI launched a 24-month Hotel Apprenticeship Program (HAP) in 2006 to provide literacy, English, social skills, health education, hotel skills-training, work experience and a living wage to women formerly selling beer in restaurants; there they had faced workplace risks including HIV/AIDS, alcohol overuse, violence and sexual coercion. Quantitative and qualitative analyses indicate changes in health-related knowledge, behaviour, self-image and empowerment, as HAP trainees were monitored and evaluated within their new career trajectories. Copyright © 2010 SAGE Publications Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore and Washington DC.
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