Stochastic Optimal Control for Participatory Sensing Systems with Heterogenous Requests

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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2016, 65, (5), pp. 1619-1631
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We consider the crucial problem of maximizing the system-wide performance which takes into account request processing throughput, smartphone user experience and system stability in a participatory sensing system with cooperative smartphones. Three important controls need to be made, i.e., 1) request admission control, 2) task allocation, and 3) task scheduling on smartphones. It is highly challenging to achieve the optimal system-wide performance, given arbitrary unknown arrivals of sensing requests, intrinsic tradeoff between request processing throughput and smartphone user experience degradation, and heterogenous requests. Little existing work has studied this crucial problem of maximizing the system-wide performance of a participatory sensing system as a whole. In response to the challenges, we propose an optimal online control approach to maximize the system-wide performance of a participatory sensing system. Exploiting the stochastic Lyapunov optimization techniques, it derives the optimal online control strategies for request admission control, task allocation and task scheduling on smartphones. The most salient feature of our approach is that the achieved system-wide performance is arbitrarily close to the optimum, despite unpredictable and arbitrary request arrivals. Rigorous theoretical analysis and comprehensive simulation evaluation jointly demonstrate the efficacy of our online control approach.
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