Profit-Aware Distributed Online Scheduling for Data-Oriented Tasks in Cloud Datacenters

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Journal Article
IEEE Access, 2018, 6, pp. 15629-15642
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As there is an increasing trend to deploy geographically distributed (geo-distributed) cloud datacenters (DCs), the scheduling of data-oriented tasks in such cloud DC systems becomes an appealing research topic. Specifically, it is challenging to achieve the distributed online scheduling that can handle the tasks' acceptance, data-transfers, and processing jointly and efficiently. In this paper, by considering the store-and-forward and anycast schemes, we formulate an optimization problem to maximize the time-average profit from serving data-oriented tasks in a cloud DC system and then leverage the Lyapunov optimization techniques to propose an efficient scheduling algorithm, i.e., GlobalAny. We also extend the proposed algorithm by designing a data-transfer acceleration scheme to reduce the data-transfer latency. Extensive simulations verify that our algorithms can maximize the time-average profit in a distributed online manner. The results also indicate that GlobalAny and GlobalAnyExt (i.e., GlobalAny with data-transfer acceleration) outperform several existing algorithms in terms of both time-average profit and computation time.
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