Ultra-broad Mid-IR Supercontinuum Generation in Single, Bi and Tri Layer Graphene Nano-Plasmonic waveguides pumping at Low Input Peak Powers

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Journal Article
Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, (1), pp. 1-10
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This article presents four different plasmonic structures using Graphene which yielded an efficient plasmonic mode with low loss for Supercontinuum(SC) generation. At an operating wavelength of 1550 nm in these structures, we generated a multi-octave broadband SC spectrum ranging from 1.5 um-25 um at a low input peak power of 1 W. Due to pumping in the anomalous dispersion region with two Zero Dispersion Wavelengths (ZDWs) and the process of cross phase modulation with soliton fission, red-shifted dispersive waves were generated which led to large broadening from 1.5 um-25 um. Two other Supercontinua ranging from 1-10 um and 0.85-2.2 um also at low input peak powers of 2 W and 0.1 W respectively were generated. These three supercontinua are useful for applications in the fields of biomedical sensors, spectroscopy, fluorescence lifetime imaging and in the design of many other new optical devices. Furthermore, we have also discussed our results on behaviour of Graphene as a metal, even without the negative real value of dielectric constant.
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