Vertical Greening Systems: A Critical Comparison of Do-It-Yourself Designs

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Journal Article
Plants, 11, (23), pp. 3230-3230
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Due to the increasing shortage of space in urban areas, vertical greening systems (VGSs) are becoming increasingly popular as a means to provide increased urban greening using building façades. VGSs are usually installed and managed by experts due to technical complexity, however the role of local communities is becoming increasingly important through Do-It-Yourself (DIY) practices. This study aims to explore low-cost VGSs and provide design suggestions and maintenance indications to encourage the expanded use of in situ small-scale VGSs. Firstly, an exploratory review of VGS designs proposed in the scientific literature, and by commercial and community-based solutions was conducted taking DIY potential into account to define eight basic design models categorized through six structural criteria. Then, seven community garden groups were interviewed to inform a critical comparison of the eight design models. Data collected was synthesized to develop a star rating system, thus providing a quick comparative tool. The star rating system shows the performance of five relevant DIY design parameters for each VGS model. The current research may assist in the accessibility of green technologies and facilitate community-scale implementation of DIY vertical greening.
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