Effect of winding asymmetries and winding connection on small synchronous machines

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2010 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, ECCE 2010 - Proceedings, 2010, pp. 17 - 22
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This paper reports on the study of winding asymmetries in small synchronous generators. These types of generator are commonly used in diesel generator or back-up systems and are usually no more than a few or few tens of kilowatts with two, four or six salient poles. The 3-phase winding is 120 deg pitched but often lap windings are not used, rather a hybrid of concentric winding and double layering is utilized. There are sound manufacturing reasons for this and these are explained. This leads to small asymmetries in the phase-belt inductances and field-induced voltages. This is examined and validated experimentally. The paper discusses the techniques that are used to analyze the machine. These are analytical methods although a discussion about finite element analysis is put forward. The methods address the correct positional coil groupings in the slots to obtain back-EMFs, mutual and self-inductances and line currents. These are obtained over a varying load range. © 2010 IEEE.
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