Assessing Gender Dysphoria: Development and Validation of the Gender Preoccupation and Stability Questionnaire - 2nd Edition (GPSQ-2).

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Journal Article
J Homosex, 2022, pp. 1-25
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The Gender Preoccupation and Stability Questionnaire (GPSQ) is a 14-item measure used to assess the effectiveness of medical, surgical, social, and psychological interventions in trans and gender diverse adults who experience gender dysphoria. One major limitation of the GPSQ is that it was not developed for use with adolescents. This study aims to validate a revised version of the GPSQ, the Gender Preoccupation and Stability Questionnaire-2nd Edition (GPSQ-2) with the aim of adapting the measure to be applicable to individuals aged 13 and above. This research was conducted in three stages: 1) development of the GPSQ-2 to address previously identified issues with validity and comprehensibility of the GPSQ and to increase the applicability of the measure to adolescents; 2) pilot testing, using a purposive sample and semi-structured interviews, to assess the relevance, comprehensibility, and comprehensiveness of the GPSQ-2; and 3) validation using a community sample to assess the psychometric properties of the GPSQ-2. The pilot study was conducted with seven participants (Mage = 28.43, SD = 15.50; age range: 13-59). The GPSQ-2 was found to be easy to understand, relevant to individuals who experienced gender dysphoria, and that it did not have any identifiable omissions. The validation study was conducted with 141 participants (Mage = 36.44; SD = 14.76; age range 14-73). The GPSQ-2 was found to be a reliable and valid 14-item scale with two factors: preoccupation and stability. The GPSQ-2 is a structurally sound measure of gender dysphoria that can be used in populations aged 13 and above.
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